Don’t cry for me Gluten eating people

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I am writing this in response to a blog post I recently read. In it, the author is recounting  a dream they had about garlic bread. Seems innocuous, but the author, like myself, has celiac disease, and the dream described the horror and anxiety of eating something with gluten. I instantly understood and sympathized.


But then I had this overwhelming sensation. I wanted to yell and scream at the author. I wanted to tell them, “Get over it!” Not eating gluten is really not a big deal. I want others with celiacs—and those who have opted to not eat gluten as a lifestyle choice—to stop asking for sympathy. Stop writing about your loss of gluten like it’s your lovers untimely death. And I want other celiacs to stop giving non-celiacs ammunition to chastise or stereotype us. Do not feed their fire.


Let others understand that we are healthier and happier on our unique diets. I want people to stop asking me, with shame and pity in their eyes, “Oh my god! What do you eat?!”


The same fucking things you eat dummy.


I am like a lot of people who have digestive disorders. There are multiple food groups I cannot tolerate. In addition to celiac disease, I am lactose intolerant; I am allergic to eggs; I am allergic to tree nuts, and I can’t really eat rice or corn. I have innards made of porcelain. And you know what? I’m fine.


In fact, I’m more than fine. I am fucking fantastic. I have beautiful, blemish-free, wrinkle-free skin. I do not have a single gray hair. I have consistently maintained my weight for the last 10 years. I have incredible muscle tone, and I am strong—like really, really strong.


I sleep like a rock. I wake with ease. I got into bike accident about a year ago, I bounced back in a matter of weeks. I have no joint pain, and I have not been sick in so long that I can’t actually remember when the last time I was sick.


So when you ask me, “So, what do you eat?” and you shame me cause you can’t believe someone could live in this world without gluten/dairy/eggs/rice/corn/tree nuts, I’m gonna tell exactly how I feel. I feel fucking fantastic. I eat all the same things you eat, just homemade and free of offending ingredients.

And to all of you who need the world to validate your dietary decisions, stop. I can’t listen to it anymore. Find the silver lining. Find the awesomeness in how healthy you are, whether you are gluten-free or not.


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1. Always trust your gut instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, look right or smell right—run. Don’t look back. Just go.


2. Try everything on. That’s true of clothing, lovers, exercise, diets, underwear, especially underwear. There may be nothing worse than ill-fitting panties. Wait, I lied—socks that slip into your boots and bunch up at the bottom, that’s the worst.


3. You are a constantly evolving beast; remember this when deciding who you want to be and what you what you want to do with the rest of your life. Who and what you are today may be completely different in a month, and that’s OK.


4. Trust that you can guide yourself to always live your best life possible. Knowing that change is inevitable makes it awesome.


5. Dye your hair pink. Because why not?


 6. Be bold. Make political statements. Be unwavering. Just do the appropriate research to back up your loud mouth.


7. Don’t shave or wax anything on your body because somebody else thinks it looks better.


8. Never let a bigger ego out-ego you. You’re the tits. Bite back.


 9. Always wash your face before bed, and while you’re at it, use a moisturizer and lip balm.


 10. Don’t fight aging; it’s a losing battle.


 11. Invest in the best you can afford.


 12. Live within your means. Credit cards are a trap. Cash is queen.


13. Move—all the time. Lift weights; do pilates; walk. Understand what Kegels are; learn how to use them, and surprise the shit out of your lover.


14. Fluctuate, ‘cause it’s healthy. Gain weight, lose weight, gain 10 pounds back, lose 15 more and then gain some back. Then gain the knowledge that it doesn’t matter. Learn to love and accept your body for what it is today, not what it was or what you imagine it could be. Be fat, be thin, be whatever you want, but definitely don’t let these things define you.


15. Spend some time working in a restaurant. At least once. You will learn everything you need to know and then some.

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Best Face Forward

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Everyday, regardless of the weather, I am outside with my dog Tal. We walk in the subarctic negatives(thanks Vermont), we sprint in the humid 80s and trudge through mud season. It doesn’t matter, the movement is as important to me as it is for him and nothing, especially not the weather, can stop us. I always protect him the best I can. Booties for when there is salt and sand that bloody his tender paws, a sweatshirt to protect him in -25 degree temperatures and sunscreen on his nose in the blaring July sun. Whatever he needs I try my best to give to him. I work on doing the same for myself. I believe that good skincare is a cornerstone of healthy lifestyle. I love that my skin is clear and vibrant and reflective of  the hard work I put in. I exercise for my body and brain, and my beauty routine is my workout for my skin.


Recently my skin was hurting, I had gotten a bit of frostbite on my cheeks. It had mostly healed but I was left with rough, dry patches of skin that seemingly couldn’t and wouldn’t heal. I kept looking in the mirror and being saddened by what was looking back at me. I looked old and dry so, so dry. The only thing to do was call on Therin Pohley (respected aesthetician and friend) for a much needed facial. Therin got me an appointment right away and on short notice (which, if you have a hectic and somewhat unpredictable schedule like mine, you know is a feat of amazingness). I was welcomed into a beautiful and tranquil room, clean and removed from the loudness of the world outside. Therin really heard me when I said my face was hurting and didn’t suggest that I was to blame ‘cause I was using the wrong products or that I didn’t care for my skin in the “right” way. She was polite, knowledgeable, and soothing. She understood the stresses of being a Personal Trainer, a full time fitness instructor and a doggy mom. She exercises regularly and prioritizes her needs, so much so that she builds her busy work schedule around the classes she attends, LIKE THE BOSS SHE IS. Yet another reason to respect and adore this woman.


An hour later, I was me again. My face didn’t hurt for the first time in weeks. The skin on my cheeks was soft and dewy. My brain was calm and my neck and shoulder muscles were far less tight than when I came in.  Not only is Therin an amazing esthetician, but one hell of a massage therapist too. I returned to the world, quite literally, with my best and freshest face forward.


It’s not just about working and pushing and working and pushing, there must be time downtime and space to restore, refresh and rejuvenate. My frostbitten face brought me in to see Therin, but my calmed and reseted frame of mind at the end of the facial was what I was really needing. Also, having bebe soft cheeks was awesome.


ps Go see Therin.











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10 Best Luxe Products For Your Gym Bag

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0bbb011ee42eb2149ea986e7426f4b821. Darphin INTRAL Soothing Cream

I discovered this face cream several years ago during the cold dark dry winter. My usually clear complexion had gotten very red and irritated. I went to one of my favorite local beauty boutiques and this cream came highly recommended. It was love at first application. It has only the faintest smell, clean, and not in a toxic Tide kinda way. My face went back to its happy place and regained its even skin tone. I use it in both summer and winter. This would be a good pick for either fair skinned ladies and gents who’s faces get red during a work out and those with acne prone/ sensitive skin.


bc371aa79e3ddcd5b9476c7993e32bb62. Patyka Milk Cleanser, Rosewood

I was introduced to this brand several years ago by a good friend. After doing some research I discovered this brand was ridiculously clean and shared my common interest in organic and ethically sourced ingredients.I stopped by my salon recently to buy shampoo and lo and behold everything from Patyka was on sale. I yelped and without even looking at the price tag bought a bottle. I am so in love with this creamy, velvety face wash. My sweat drenched skin, which will from time to time gets whites heads around my hairline and on my forehead (damn you running in a hat!) was clean and soft and somehow more glowy.



80fb079f84d52d1325f4a3bf7113cbdb3. Soap Walla Deodorant Cream

Listen to me when I say that you will never find a better natural deodorant.

I stopped wearing chemical deodorants some time in my very early 20’s. I hated them, they smelled so fake and I really don’t  think its a good idea to assault your lymph system day in and day out with such harsh chemicals. So began my search for a natural deodorant that worked. I searched and searched and searched. I tried different combinations of powders and deodorants, and yet nothing worked. That was until the fateful day I came across this gem.


It worked so well I was like, this can’t be natural. Thats when I enlisted my hunk of man meat to test it out. He’s a big boy with big smell, if it was gonna fail it would fail on him. He nearly fainted when at the end of test day one not only did he not smell but he smelled good, in a natural kind of lavender kind of way. Within a week he demanded I buy several more so that we will never run out. Finish reading this post and go buy some.


51fa8d85d023ec0e716e198679e62d354. Dr.hauschka Body Silk

I know, you’re probably like who the eff needs luxe body powder? This girl. I’m gonna get personal, I chafe. On my thighs and where my tank hits under my arm when I run. I’m a delicate flower. With ingredients like diatomaceous earth and silk powder you can’t go wrong. It relieves chaffing, keeps your body dry, works amazingly to absorb oil and smell from your hair and in pinch could be used as a face powder for oily skin. I love it and can’t live without it. Its unbelievably expensive($34) and I definitely can’t always afford it but when I can I buy 2 at a time and put it all over myself.


766f72d74bb31f0c1461f2358c2800b25. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan oil

My older sister had purchased a huge bottle of this and found out that it made her skin breakout like crazy. She was visiting me and offered it to me if I liked it.

Best. Oil. On. The. Market.

Its clean, has basically no smell(as anyone knows some argan oils can smell really awful), is ethically sourced and easy to apply. Skin is left hydrated and not slimy or oily. Just soft and hydrated. It is a multi purpose item for me, for my face before moisturizer in winter, for my body after too much sun and on the ends of my hair overnight. Everywhere.



e30eab45c8ccd636f27980731764c4266. PHYTO Phytoneuter shampoo

I have used this clarifying shampoo for close to 10 years. I thought about not putting it on my list because Im not sure I want to share its awesomeness. It has the kind of scent that tells you it is working to do something amazing; slightly medicinal, slightly herbaceous. I don’t wash my hair very often. Usually 3 times a week. If its the dead of summer and I’ve worked out like crazy, I might wash it more than that, maybe…  This workhorse makes it all ok. I wash, I rinse, I have awesomely clean manageable hair. And most importantly my scalp isn’t itchy.



774dc8be42008d402a926bf487804a047. Bumble and bumble Super Rich conditioner

Here it is short and sweet, this is an all around great conditioner. Its heavy enough to give some weight to my wavy thick hair but doesn’t weigh it down. Decent smell and price point. I use it every time I wash my hair. Sometimes I leave it in for my entire shower and it makes my hair like silk.


545de887d415edd899bc9db29729e7f38. PHYTO Intense volume mousse

This is another product that I have been using for close to a decade. Easy to use, smells great and the ingredients are halfway acceptable. I will layer this with either a curl cream if its humid or some oil if its very dry. My hair is never crunchy. I love that it keeps my frizz in check and doesn’t weigh down my strands.



d950edb62c652b1d83256a76542403949. Cartier Declaration D’un Soir

I have a deep love of perfumes and colognes. I really believe I could have been a perfumier in another life. I like that different smells can create different moods. There’s something intriguing about the play between masculine and feminine. I love how the right sandalwood mixed with right rose can set off an olfactory overload and send you to another time and place. I tend to wear several different perfumes at different times of the year. At the moment I am mostly obsessed with this one. Its light enough for summer and has some serious balls in its dry down. This is not a scent that you leave behind when exiting a room. This is a scent that begs you to get close to somebody. Its the scent of skin, only better. Its good on men and even better on women.



072450e6b884e0e1aed60920da1fe71810. Pre de provence Bergamot soap

Awesome all around MVP of soaps. Men, use this after working out and women will flock to you like crazy. I started using bergamot soap years ago when my celiac disease had not been diagnosed and I was covered in  a rash( I now know it was Hereptiformis dermatitis). I did some research and discovered that bergamot had all sorts of medicinal uses. Its Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive, hormonal support and sedative.  Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive, hormonal support and sedative. The soap eased my discomfort and I love the smell. It leaves the skin clean and fresh.

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Eat, Move, Breathe, Love and Giggle. Also a Killer Recipe for a Salad.

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Last week I wrote about what it takes to make fresh food happen every week, regardless of what else is happening in your life. Many reached out and were like “can you please give me a recipe?!!!!?!!!?!” Yes, yes I can. Let me know what you think! Experiment, play with different flavors, and most of all have fun.

I have a running group of foods that I always make. Roasted Japanese and Garnet sweet potatoes in coconut oil with black volcanic salt and chili flakes, roasted cauliflower with garlic and salt, roasted carrots in either avocado oil and maple syrup or balsamic vinegar (I’m really into roasting things), and always some kind of meat, maybe duck and or, most likely, chicken.

I always have fresh greens on hand. In Winter its organic mesclun mixes from the grocery store and in Summer its tender baby kale and local greens from the Farmers market.

To keep it interesting I like to try one new recipe that either I’ve designed or that I’ve read about. About half the time these recipes work, though more often than not they’re not great. I try not to let it bother me, which is hard because I’m more sensitive than I will ever let on. I recently tried a recipe that seemed simple enough – mushrooms and asparagus cooked in vegetable broth served over polenta. Umm, well, the most I can say is that it was edible. But that doesn’t mean that this coming Sunday I won’t try again.

This week I’m thinking of THIS.

I’m gonna be honest. I have an affinity for large salads, nay, its a love affair. I like them with an array of unusual ingredients. Their easy, nutritious and delicious. I live for my ridiculously easy to make Roasted Sweet Potato and Parsnip Salad. Seriously, ask my partner, we eat several different iterations of it a week.  Its just so easy to make. Listed below you’ll find the recipe.

So if your wondering where this stream of conciseness is headed, it is this: Living a healthy life is more than just gong through the motions. You should want to create delicious things for yourself and those around you(maybe). This is not limited to cooking.

Eat, Move, Breathe, Love and Giggle. A lot.



Roasted Sweet Potato and Parsnip Salad


2 Garnet sweet potatos

2 Japanese white sweet potatoes

4 to 5 medium sized parsnips

Raw or roasted sunflower and pumpkin seed

Baby kale

Mesclun greens



Coconut oil

salt and pepper

Red chile flakes

Making it happen

Pre heat oven to 385 degrees

Wash sweet potatoes and parsnips, resist peeling either vegetable, they are so many nutrients found in the skin and they add lots of  flavor

Cube all veggies and place in a large roasting pan, warm 2 tablespoons on coconut oil in the microwave

add oil, salt, pepper and chiles to taste (roughly about teaspoon and a half of chiles)

Make sure veggies are well coated

Roast for about 45 min or until tender

In a large salad bowl, put equal parts baby kale and mesclun green, add all other ingredients and give a good toss

When sweet potatoes and parsnips have cooled add to salad  (note that this should be served almost immediately, the greens wilt quickly and start to look real ugly)

Chèvre is last and is also optional, add as little or as much you like

I often don’t put a dressing on my salads, I like being able to taste all the different flavors from the the mixture of veggies.

Try this simple and delicious dressing for an even more amazing salad

3 tablespoons Tamari (or soy sauce if gluten isn’t an issue)

1 tablespoon avocado oil

1 to 2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar

1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

2 tablespoons raw unfiltered honey

1 teaspoon grated Fresh ginger

garlic powder to taste

Add all ingredients to a bowl and emulsify







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