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What Does Inflexible Really Mean?

Categories: Fit | Posted by: Suzy Shulman

Why say it? Do you mean “I just dont want to?”

Because as teacher and personal trainer I would rather hear that than the latter excuse. It drives me crazy when students are so quick to quip, so many already took the biggest step of showing up, why not fully participate? Why not do the best your body can? I as the instructor I have given you the freedom to work at whatever level you want, to push yourself as hard as you want, with no question or push from me. Allowing yourself to believe that your inflexibility is the reason class sucked today is just an excuse you gave yourself to not fully participate, to not fully give all you got. I have plenty of days, nay, weeks when I swear that I’m not gonna make it, workouts seem to last forever and every fucking push up was worse than the other. There are times I go to class and I am the only one who can’t seem to do what the instructor is asking of me. It sucks, I go to the bad place, I tell myself that’s because I’m inflexible, because Im not built for that. Bullshit. My mind is what stops me. I hold myself to what others around me are doing. I search their strong, limber bodies and hate mine. My mind convinces me that I’m just not ment to do this kind of work. Bullshit.

I’m calling you out mind, I’m telling you right now this relationship between what’s really hard and what seems impossible and your ability to convince me stop is over. I’m done believing you, I’m done letting you tell me I’m inflexible. You’re inflexible, my body is cable of anything, basically.

Today I will show up. Today I will go the distance. Today I will do all that my body is capable of. Today I will shut my mind off and go hard.


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