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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Categories: Fit, Healthy | Posted by: Suzy Shulman

I love the “up”.

I live there, teach there, practice there.

“Up” allows me to be here and now and yet not at all.

But here’s the thing…

What goes up, most come down.

A person cannot live in a constant state of “up”.

Embracing “the down”

Before I began practicing and teaching restorative yoga, I was constantly focused on being “up”. In fact, I’m not certain I even considered the possibility of a “down” state existing.

But, I always had this nagging feeling that this constant “up-ness” I lived by was not sustainable.

Through restorative yoga, I have learned the value of being down, coming down, and even…gasp…enjoying “the down”.  It provides a juxtaposition to my typical state of being.  My life is the yin; Restorative yoga, the yang.

Discovering Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga has been an evolving practice for me that has spanned nearly a decade.

I attended my first class because I was “at the end of my rope”.

I was a full-time waitress and my body and mind were spanked, done, finished.

I was tired and irritable.

My patience with myself, and others, was nonexistent.

In the hopes of reversing or counteracting the negativity, I began attending more “power” yoga classes.

Hey, it’s yoga. It calms you. Right?


I was so wrong.

What I came to realize was that my body and mind needed time to just be, to release, to find ways to finish on going conversations in my head.

Through supported poses, I found calm for my overused and sore muscles.

Through breathing practices, I found recovery and an understanding of the need to train smarter, not just harder.

As a result of my practice, I found that I now recover better after intense workouts and weeks.

I found that as long as I find my “down”…every once in a while…I can go up exponentially.

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