aboutsuzy_newimagesYou’re probably thinking I’m another one of those health and fitness junkies who’s going to force you to eat a bunch of kale and sweat profusely for 30 minutes a day and feel guilty if you don’t, right?

You’re imagining me as either some super skinny chick decked out in the latest yoga fashion of the month or a ripped replica of Jillian Michaels, right?

Not quite.

I’m not a fitness junkie.

I’m not going to force you to eat kale, or any other leafy green for that matter.

I’m not skinny.

I’m Suzy.

I’m strong, funny, compassionate, loud, silly, curvy, and muscular.

I love to move. In fact, I’ve never been interested in sitting still – I’ve been downright incapable of it since the moment I was born.

I love to cook. When I’m not in the studio, you can often find me in my kitchen, experimenting with new gluten-free recipes.

I love my partner, Mike; our dog, Naftlai; and our two cats, Lily and Tiny.

I love running, expensive skin care products, antiquing, big earrings, reading, and laughing.

More than anything, I love providing men and women with the guidance, support, and training they need to live happy, healthy, and fit lives.



My goal is to help women find themselves and find movement that suits their lifestyle.
There must be a spot in time and history for women to stand up and say, I do not want to look like what you want me to look like!




Pilates & Barre

Pilates Mat 1: certified at Power Pilates with Susan Moran (co-owner of Power Pilates), NYC 2009

Pilates Mat 2: certified at Balanced Body, Boston 2010

Pilates Reformer 1: certified at Balanced Body with Zayna Gold (owner of Boston Body Pilates), Boston 2010

Booty Barre: trained at Booty Barre with Tracy Mallet (master trainer at and owner of Booty Barre), 2011


Restorative Yoga: certified at Laughing Lotus Yoga with Jamie Lynn Skolnick, NYC Winter 2013

Vajra Yoga: completed 100 hours of 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Emily Garret and Jill Satterfield (founders of Vajra Yoga), 2008

Ashtanga Yoga: studied Ashtanga as a student for a decade

Vinyasa Yoga: studied Vinyasa as a student for a decade

Body Training & Massage

Dynamic Stretching Specialist

Massage Therapy: certified at the Vermont Institute of Massage Therapy (one year program), 2002-2003

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