SxB® stands for Strength x Balance, it is a method, a lifestyle and a real good workout. It was created several years ago by Master trainer and CEO of SxB, Susannah Shulman.

The method is an amalgamation of traditional strength training, Pilates, Yoga and ballet like movements; there are also just the right amount of cardio intervals to challenge the most seasoned fitness enthusiast. SxB is about the sequence and pace of specific moves woven together to completely exhaust not just large muscle groups but smaller ones as well. It’s effective and time sensitive, your will get a complete full body work out in 45 min. It’s complementary to all bodies and is an excellent cross-training tool. SxB is a method to engage not just your muscles but your mind as well. This method is for all bodies and is geared towards helping you live a better, happier and stronger life.



 SxB Instructor Training

Learn how to become a licensed SxB® instructor here.

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